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Les cuirs au tannage végétal - On vous dit tout !

Vegetable tanned leathers - We tell you everything!

Our wish at lundi is to use the most natural leathers possible, which will take a nice patina with the age while retaining their color and mechanical property. An equation that we can solve by working hand in hand with expert tanneries who are sensitive to our needs.

What is meant by vegetable tanning ?

Vegetable tanning is one of the oldest methods of tanning leather. As its name suggests, it uses vegetable tannins (bark from trees, leaves or roots) as opposed to mineral tanning which uses products such as chromium, iron or zirconium salts. Vegetable tanning has the advantage of not using chemicals, which can be harmful in their implementation and in the recycling of end-of-life products.

Our choice: mixed tanning to offer the best compromise.

Leather exclusively tanned with vegetable tannins have the disadvantage of being very rigid, with the risk of cracking on the surface. Colors can also fade over time. Offering sustainable products remains our priority. For this reason, mixed tanning is in our eyes the best option: a first tanning using small amounts of chromium is associated with a vegetable re-tanning for a natural finish.

The result: supple leathers that will age over time and retain the shine of their color.

And the maintenance in all this?

The natural appearance of our vegetable tanned leathers will require regular maintenance with a colorless nourishing cream. A cream that you can put on your bag after first cleaning the leather with a soft cloth slightly moistened.

You can also waterproof your bag with a colorless leather waterproofing product.

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