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The design



At lundi, we have implemented an original product creation and development process.

Our collections are timeless. The products are systematically carried over from one year to the next. Our collections are thus built without constraints of time or seasonality. A process that allows us to devote the time necessary to the creation, design, development and testing of our products.

The common point of our collections is in the simplicity of the lines. The volumes are refined and few outside pockets disturb the minimalism of the design. The handles and the metal accessories are details identical to all the formats.

In terms of functionality, our product lines are orchestrated around 3 different ways of traveling: day bag, 36-hour bag and travel bag. The 36-hour format is a unique concept developed by lundi designers: a concept that allows you to travel 2 days and 1 night with your office belonging, your clothes and a toiletry bag.