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Découvrez toute la fonctionnalité d'un sac 36 heures lundi.

Discover all the functionality of a lundi 36-hour travel bag.

A minimalist design for maximum functionality.

Our 36-hour bag has been designed to accompany any man on his short trips. Who hasn't already traveled with their computer and office gear in a briefcase, and their clothes for the next day in a 3/4 empty suitcase? A situation so frequent that we have designed to remedy it by developing our concept of 36-hour bag.

Leave for 2 days and 1 night with a single bag, elegant and functional. A wish made possible by our 36-hour bag. Its double compartment allows a perfect separation between its office and dressing space. Optimized storage allows us to maximize the capacity of this bag while minimizing its volume. An essential compactness to bring maximum comfort to our travels.

Sac business 36 heures lundi en cuir pleine fleur au tannage végétal

Many construction details have been developed to make this bag the ideal companion for your travels. Your charger plug will now no longer ball into the bottom of your bag thanks to a small leather tab that holds your cable and optimizes its storage. Your business cards will always be close at hand, just like your pen. Your computer and tablet will be perfectly accommodated in compartments ensuring maximum protection. Need to charge your phone? Two Neoprene pockets allow you to slip an external battery that you can easily connect to your smartphone.

Finally, for frequent travelers, your passport can slip into a dedicated, accessible and very secure pocket.

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