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Comment choisir son sac ordinateur ?

How do I choose a laptop bag?

With the rise of teleworking, more and more people are carrying around their laptop on a daily basis. Choosing the right bag to carry your laptop around is essential, not only to protect it but also to make it more comfortable. What's more, as well as our computer, we often carry a mouse, cables and lots of work documents. Here are a few tips to help you make the right choice, depending on your needs and how you travel.

1. Identify your mode of transport

The type of transport you use has a major influence on your choice of bag. For those who travel by metro or on foot, a backpack is often the best choice. It distributes the weight evenly over both shoulders, reducing fatigue. If you're a cyclist, opt for a rucksack too, but make sure it fits snugly and has comfortable, well-positioned straps to prevent it from shifting while you're riding. On the other hand, if you regularly travel on foot or by car, you can choose a 36-hour bag or briefcase, which are more elegant and often easier to handle when walking short distances.

2. Choose according to computer size

Obviously, the size of your laptop is a determining factor in your choice of bag. A bag that's too small may not protect your device properly, while one that's too big can be cumbersome. Having a product that fits the size of your laptop is particularly important when it comes to a laptop sleeve. A real second skin, it will be much more pleasant to use when the computer fits perfectly inside. At lundi, 13" and 14" laptop owners can use our Maya computer sleeve. For larger computers, you can opt for the Anna laptop sleeve.

3. Consider the weight of the bag

An essential criterion for choosing a laptop bag is its weight. Opting for a lightweight computer bag is ideal, especially if you have to walk or move around a lot. However, it's crucial not to sacrifice the protection of your computer in favour of lightness. Lightweight but well-padded laptop bags offer a good balance between comfort and security, ensuring your laptop stays intact even when you're on the move a lot. All of lundi's bags have been designed for easy city travel, with a comfortable shoulder strap system. And the laptop compartment is always reinforced for maximum protection.

4. Take into account what you are carrying

Accessories and documents: If you often carry accessories (chargers, mice, notebooks, pens), opt for a bag with enough pockets and compartments. Our collection of laptop bags includes an original cable management system. This will help you stay organised and protect your belongings from scratches.

Your computer and a few items of clothing: For those who regularly travel for 2 days, our 36-hour bags (briefcase or backpack) are particularly suitable, with a system of double compartments so you can take your office stuff, a few items of clothing and your toiletries with you.

Just a computer: opt for a computer sleeve. At lundi, we've developed a laptop sleeve that's compact enough to carry under your arm, and large enough to hold your cables, charger, battery and a few A4 documents as well as your laptop. The ideal product for travelling light.

5. Check quality and features

Finally, build quality and extra features can make a big difference. Look for durable, hard-wearing materials to protect your gear throughout your working day. Sturdy zips, comfortable, adjustable straps and secure pockets for your valuables are also important. At lundi we've chosen to use robust materials for all our laptop bags: high-quality full-grain leather that will last for many years, water-repellent and easy-care cotton canvas, metal YKK zips (YKK is one of the world's best zipper manufacturers) and brass snap hooks.


All in all, choosing the right bag for your laptop depends on a number of factors: how you travel, the size of your laptop, what you're carrying and, of course, how comfortable you feel. Take the time to assess your specific needs before making a purchase. A good laptop bag is not only an investment in the protection of your device, but also in your everyday comfort.

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