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Our production



Manufacturing consumer goods that should not obscure the importance of producing less and better: quality, sustainability and respect for the environment are the watchwords that guide our creations and our productions. Our products are guaranteed and repairable. They are built to support our customers for many years..



Our collections are made in a factory located in the north of Thailand, near the city of Chiang Mai. A factory with real know-how in the manufacture of high-end leather goods, acquired since its creation in 1987.

This exclusive partnership guarantees that our products are all produced in the same workshop, meeting very strict social standards. It is the commitment of a whole team around the creation of our collections, from the first prototypes to the finished products delivered to our customers worldwide.

La production lundi

The multiplication of details and the quality of our finishes require precise human work. On average, more than 7 hours are required to make a bag.

Each product is individually checked. Very precise verification points guarantee consistent quality across all of our references.