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The brand


lundi. A name that sounded like evidence and that quickly imposed itself on us. We wanted to clearly express our desire to accompany you in your daily life, punctuated by weeks of work.

We design timeless bags and accessories. A minimalist approach where every detail count to offer elegant AND functional products. A revolution in the world of high-end leather goods, where the elegance of the curves and the choice of materials should not obscure the usefulness and the services provided by each product.



Putting functionality at the heart of our concerns is to realize that the product is less and less for what it is but more and more for the functions it performs.

Quality is at the heart of our concerns. We believe that offering products that last is the best answer to fight against devastating overconsumption. We manufacture in reasonable quantities and under conditions that respect people and the environment.

Finally, we want to offer products at a fair and constant price throughout the year. We are not working to enrich an investment fund. We do not have any. We are independent, and our margins are very reasonable. They simply allow us to finance our developments by investing in the manufacture of our products.