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Reconciling functionality ans aesthetics

We design timeless bags and accessories. A minimalist approach where every detail counts to offer aesthetic AND functional products. The elegance of the curves and the choice of materials should not make us forget the usefulness and the services provided by each product, a real revolution in the world of high-end leather goods.

A creative studio listening to users

lundi is a creative studio whose leitmotif is to transcend the daily life of a modern man, passionate about beautiful objects and looking for functional products. We design and manufacture minimalist bags, where every detail counts. Products made of beautiful materials, resistant and respectful of the environment. Our collections are timeless, designed to accompany you for a very long time in your daily life and to ensure that your travels will never be the same again.

Travelling will never be the same

Lundi accompanies you on each of your trips. Intense daily journeys that require adapted and effective products with a refined style. Computer, tablet, smartphone, cables, battery… have become essential to our activity and follow us in all circumstances.

Our designs are above all minimalist, offering shapes and storage structures that perfectly match the use behind each lundi product. 

Store - Protect - Transport

It is a decidedly different approach to our creative process. Design is at the service of functionality and the shapes of our products are dictated by what they must contain. The storage offered inside our bags is at the heart of our thinking. The dimensions of our compartments are calculated as accurately as possible and the choices of our materials are made above all through their mechanical properties. Putting functionality at the heart of our concerns means becoming aware that the product exists less and less for what it is but more and more for the functions it performs. Our design teams work to analyze and understand your needs. Each product is designed with regard to the services it must provide: transporting your computer in complete safety, optimizing the storage of its cables, having an external battery close at hand, keeping your passport preciously, leaving for 2 days and 1 night, passing through airport checks quickly, being able to use a motorbike taxi on arrival at your destination... the list is long and reflects all the functions that our products must integrate.

An innovative creative process

Our collections are built without time constraints or seasonality. A process that allows us to devote the necessary time to the creation, design, development and testing of our products. If our designs must above all respond to the different uses of our daily lives, they must not forget the search for elegance. The lines of our products are simple and minimalist. Sleek products, which give pride of place to materials through a harmony of colors and the different finishes offered. A timeless aesthetic that echoes another will of the brand…

Produce less and produce better

The products we develop are timeless and systematically carry overt from one year to the next. Offering products that last is, in our view, the best response to combat overconsumption, which can be devastating. This is why we manufacture in reasonable quantities and under conditions that respect people and the environment.

Producing better in our eyes is essential to face the challenges of our planet. This means identifying raw materials with the lowest possible ecological impact. Our choices have therefore turned to the majority use of vegetable-tanned leather and recycled materials, like our felt made from recycled polyester.

Producing better also means ensuring good working conditions for workers. All of our collections are made in partner workshops with whom we have forged very strong ties. A relationship that allows us to improve our manufacturing processes season after season, and guarantee the best possible quality for our products. These workshops, located in Turkey and Spain, have decades of experience in high-end leather goods. And their involvement in the continuous improvement of the working conditions of their employees is total.

Our selling prices are calculated as accurately as possible

Our reasoned production is accompanied by an accurate calculation of our selling prices. Because we want to offer the best products at the best prices, we invest most of our budgets in the purchase of our raw materials as well as in the manufacture of our bags and accessories. Structure, distribution and marketing costs are kept to a minimum so that each customer can acquire a lundi product at its "true price".

This means that we never offer sales or commercial operations. Sell our products with a discount is not an option for us, our margins would not allow it. We thus sell our products at the same price, in all our points of sale and 365 days a year. Without any exception.

The most environmentally friendly product is the one that you keep for many years, and that you can repair.

This approach has been ours since the beginning of lundi. We work everyday to offer the most durable products possible. From the selection of materials to the improvement of manufacturing processes, we make every effort to systematically choose the most resistant solution, which will allow our bags and our accessories to accompany you for many years on the go.We only select full-grain leather, guaranteeing high quality. Full-grain leather is the first layer of animal skin. This is the area of ​​the skin with the greatest density of leather. It kept its original surface and thickness. This is the most noble material and the softest to the touch. 

Regarding tanning, we favor the use of natural tannins in order to limit the presence of chemicals. You can learn a little more about vegetable tanning by reading our dedicated article.Our materials are all selected for their quality, flexibility, color rendering and mechanical properties. Materials that will stand the test of time to guarantee a long life for our products.

All our products
are guaranteed
for 2 years

A product that lasts is also a product that can be maintained and repaired.

All our products are guaranteed. A commitment that assures you that if the slightest problem occurs during the use of one of our bags or accessories, we will be at your side to take charge of the repair and ensure that you recover a product that perfectly fulfills its functions.